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We believe the future is friendly. An emphasis on wellness, sustainability, social responsibility. Caper is a film production company specialising in short films for businesses, charities and associations. With 50 years of experience, run by founding members Jack Davies and Massimo Amici who shoot, edit, direct, produce and deliver on time, to high standards, we deliver cost effective solutions with minimal overheads.


Greater Palm Springs

Sustainability and Conservation - June ‘24 - film made in collaboration with Zinc Media and Sustainable Travel International. Recent film production, produced by Caper Film, shot over two days Greater Palm Springs at Friends of the Desert Mountains and Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.

Meiko @ Dishoom

Sustainability and Restaurant - June ‘24 - film made in collaboration with Zinc Media and Sustainable Restaurant Association. Recent film production, produced by Caper Film, shot in one day in London at Dishoom's Battersea location.


STI / Zinc Communicate




STI / Zinc Communicate

Greater Victoria

STI / Zinc Communicate

Laguna Beach

STI / Zinc Communicate

Film changes everything, let’s change together

Traditional lines of communication have been blurred. Who’s watching what and where? How can your message be revealed when your hands are tied by too many choices, too much noise?

Keep it simple, tell a story, bring an idea to life, create a lasting impression. Current, compelling, personal. We work with you to find that story, to reach out with heart felt emotive content. To affect change. To be a force for good. Connect.

What We Do

Jack Davies

Creative Director and Producer, with 25 yrs of experience in branded content, docu’s, drama, tv, short form digital and feature films. Working across pitching, script writing, directing, edit producing, sales.

Massimo Amici

Producer and and co-founder of Caper with an advertising background, specialising in camera and post-production. International experience, working on films in multiple continents for global and boutique brands.

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